Choosing a Binding Machine

Choosing a Binding Machine

What Binding Style Do You Need?

Wire Binding: Traditional finish-perfect for reports and presentations

  • Handles documents up to 500 pages
  • Pages can be added or removed easily
  • Lies flat when open

Thermal Binding: Stylish, metal finish

  • Permanent, secure binding
  • Lies flat when open
  • Bound pages rotate 360 degrees

Comb Binding: Strong, light compact

  • Squared back for easy on-shelf storage
  • Lies flat for mailing
  • Quick and easy to use

How Often Will You Use Your Binder?

Occasional Use- For home or small office use. Bind documents no larger than 150 pages a few times a month.

Moderate Use- For small office users that need to bind documents no larger than 300 pages a few times a week.

Frequent Use- For office users that need to bind documents on a daily basis.

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